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2011-2023 Dodge Charger or 300 Front Driver Door Door Armrest- Black

Brand: Dodge OEM
Original price $ 105.95 - Original price $ 105.95
Original price
$ 105.95
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This Genuine OEM auto part is a black door armrest specifically designed for the Front Driver side of a Dodge Charger or Chrysler 300. Serving as a direct replacement, this part is crafted to fit perfectly and enhance the aesthetic of your vehicle's interior. Its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) status ensures that it maintains the quality, integrity, and safety standards expected from factory-installed parts. The problem it resolves is the discomfort and interior design inconsistency caused by a worn or damaged armrest. The use of this part provides a comfortable rest for the Driver's arm, improving the overall riding experience.

This part is not a simple aftermarket item, but a brand new, genuine part packaged directly by the original equipment manufacturer. It is identical to the part you would receive were you to purchase it at a new car dealership, reinforcing its high-quality status and originality.

Installation Instructions

Required Tools: Screwdriver, Trim Removal Tool

Skill Level: Intermediate

Estimated Time: 30 minutes

1. Open the Driver door to provide ample workspace.

2. Use a trim removal tool to gently pry off the existing armrest. Be cautious not to damage the surrounding trim.

3. Once the old armrest is removed, unplug any electrical connectors, if present.

4. Align the new Genuine OEM armrest into the correct position.

5. Press firmly to engage any clips or snap fits on the new armrest.

6. If applicable, reconnect any electrical connectors.

7. Ensure that the armrest is securely installed by giving it a gentle tug. If it remains solidly in place, the installation process is complete.

Vehicle Fitment

Year Make Model
2011-2023 Dodge Charger
2011-2023 Chrysler

This part will experience a 7-10 day delay before shipping out.

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