Attention Technicians, body shop employees, dealership parts personnel, or anyone with extra parts.

Do you have 5 or More left-over genuine parts from a repair job? 

Do you have unwanted, obsolete or non-returnable parts? 

Turn them into cash quickly!

    Here’s how it works:

    1. Send us a complete list of your part numbers and general photos of the group of parts, and a photo of a few of the part number labels by text to 832-722-4697 [preferred} or email @info@conquestauto.com. You Can Also send the parts directly to our warehouse for inspection. We’ll check them out and make you an offer. 
    2. We will make you a cash offer on the entire group of parts. [depending on the parts and condition it’s usually about 10-15% of dealer cost per item.  (with just a few parts this can really add up!)
    3. If we agree on a price, you bring us the parts in League City, TX or we will come get them (Houston - Galveston Area). If you are farther away we can send you a prepaid shipping label.
    4. If sending the parts for inspection: If you don’t like our offer we will return the parts to you at no charge.
    5. We pay you via PayPal or Zelle. (Other arrangements can be made in some cases)

    Important Information

  • Absolutely no aftermarket parts accepted. 
    • Please no parts that are in dealership or shop inventory. We only buy parts that are free and clear of any company ownership. 
    • Please, No sheet metal , No large parts, No hardware, (nuts, bolts, clips etc..)
    • Also no used parts, or packaging with handwritten part numbers. 
    • We only buy smaller parts -If it fits in a shoe box we buy it.  Slightly larger parts may be purchased on a case by case basis.
    • We only buy new, Genuine parts in genuine packaging with the part number label attached to the packaging.
    • We don’t buy everything. Payouts depend on the quality and the demand for the parts. Some parts will have little or no value. 

    Questions? Text Us at 832-722-4697 

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