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2020-2023 Ford Escape Panoramic Roof Passenger Side Roof Drip Molding Hinge Cap

Brand: Ford OEM

New Genuine OEM Part

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Part Details And Fitment

Note, that this comes in a gloss black Color from Ford. This is not the matte finish. If you Have the mat finish, you will want to replace both sides with gloss black for them to match.  

The Panoramic Roof Passenger Side Roof Drip Molding Hinge Cap for 2020-2023 Ford Escape models is a vital component that contributes to the seamless operation and aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. This genuine OEM part acts as a cover for the hinge of the panoramic roof, assisting in mitigating water infiltration and reducing wind noise, hence promoting a smooth and comfortable drive. If the current hinge cap is compromised or missing, this replacement part can efficiently restore your vehicle's original functionality and visual appeal.

This part is a brand-new, genuine OEM product in the manufacturer's original packaging. It offers the same degree of quality and compatibility as those available at a new car dealership and is not an aftermarket alternative.

Installation Instructions

Tools Needed: Flathead Screwdriver

  1. Open the panoramic roof to gain access to the hinge area.
  2. Identify the existing molding hinge cap on the passenger side of the roof.
  3. Use a flathead screwdriver to delicately pry off the old hinge cap.
  4. Position the new hinge cap in alignment with the hinge and press it securely into place. Make sure it is firmly attached and exhibits no movement.
  5. Close the panoramic roof and inspect the hinge area to confirm the new cap fits correctly and maintains uniformity with the rest of the vehicle's exterior.

This replacement process should require approximately 15 minutes and demands a basic level of technical expertise.

Vehicle Fitment

Year Make Model
2020-2023 Ford Escape
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