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2019-2022 Dodge Ram 2500 3500 Cummins Diesel Engine Block Heater Cord OEM

Brand: Dodge OEM
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This Genuine OEM Engine Block Heater Cord is designed for the 2019-2022 Ram 2500 and 3500 equipped with the Cummins Diesel engine. It provides a reliable replacement for your vehicle's engine block heater cord, ensuring your Cummins Diesel engine stays warm in cold weather, aiding in easier starting and reducing wear on the engine. It comes brand new in OEM manufacturer's packaging, guaranteeing authenticity and compatibility with your Ram 2500 or 3500, and is not an aftermarket alternative.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Park your Ram 2500 or 3500 on a level surface and turn off the engine.
  2. Locate the existing engine block heater cord on your vehicle, typically connected to the front of the engine.
  3. Unplug the old cord from the engine block heater element.
  4. Follow the existing cord to its connection point, which is often near the front grille or under the hood.
  5. Disconnect the old cord from its power source or outlet.
  6. Route the new Genuine OEM cord along the same path as the old one, ensuring it is secured in place and not in contact with moving parts or hot components.
  7. Plug the new cord into the engine block heater element.
  8. Connect the other end of the cord to the power source or outlet used for engine block heating.
  9. Ensure all connections are secure and free from damage.
  10. The installation process typically takes 15-30 minutes and can be performed by individuals with basic automotive maintenance skills.

Vehicle Fitment:

2019-2022 Ram 2500 and 3500 with the Cummins Diesel engine.

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