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2012-2019 Ford Flex or MKT Rear Passenger Side Seat Latch Pivot Cover OEM

Brand: Dodge OEM
Original price $ 31.95 - Original price $ 31.95
Original price
$ 31.95
$ 31.95 - $ 31.95
Current price $ 31.95

The Rear Passenger Side Seat Latch Pivot Cover for the 2012-2019 Ford Flex and Lincoln MKT is an essential component for maintaining the appearance and functionality of your vehicle's rear seat latch mechanism. This genuine OEM repair part is designed to match the exact specifications of the factory-installed cover, providing reliable performance and a perfect fit.

  • Genuine OEM quality and fitment
  • Protects and conceals the seat latch pivot mechanism
  • Direct replacement for factory-installed part
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Maintains original appearance and functionality

This Rear Passenger Side Seat Latch Pivot Cover is responsible for protecting and concealing the seat latch pivot mechanism, ensuring a clean and finished look for your vehicle's interior. Proper functionality of the cover is crucial for maintaining the aesthetic appeal and integrity of the seat latch system. Using a genuine OEM cover guarantees that your vehicle's seat latch mechanism is protected as specified by the manufacturer.

Problem Resolution:

If your vehicle’s rear passenger side seat latch pivot cover is damaged, cracked, or missing, replacing it with this genuine OEM part is essential. It restores the proper protection and appearance of the seat latch mechanism, ensuring that your vehicle's interior looks its best and the seat latch system is protected. This part offers the same quality and fit as the original equipment, but at a great price, ensuring reliable performance and durability.

Fitment Chart:
Year Make Model
2012 Ford Flex
2013 Ford Flex
2014 Ford Flex
2015 Ford Flex
2016 Ford Flex
2017 Ford Flex
2018 Ford Flex
2019 Ford Flex
2012 Lincoln MKT
2013 Lincoln MKT
2014 Lincoln MKT
2015 Lincoln MKT
2016 Lincoln MKT
2017 Lincoln MKT
2018 Lincoln MKT
2019 Lincoln MKT

This part will experience a 7-10 day delay before shipping out.

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