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1994-2006 Ford Ranger 3.0L Engine Hot Water Intake Sensor Elbow OEM New

Brand: Ford OEM

New Genuine OEM Part

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Part Details And Fitment

The 1994-2006 Ford Ranger 3.0L Engine Hot Water Intake Sensor Elbow is an OEM new part designed to fit and function like the factory original. This component is crucial for the correct operation of the engine's temperature sensing, allowing for accurate hot water intake readings. Crafted to precise specifications for the 3.0L engine, it ensures compatibility and performance.

As a genuine OEM part, customers can trust that this sensor elbow is the same high-quality piece available at Ford dealerships, ensuring a proper fit for the vehicles specified and consistent performance.

Installation Instructions

Tools Needed:

  • Socket set
  • Plumber's tape
  • Adjustable wrench

Step 1: Allow the engine to cool completely before beginning the installation.

Step 2: Drain the coolant from the engine to prevent spills when removing the old sensor elbow.

Step 3: Locate the sensor elbow on the engine block and use an adjustable wrench to carefully remove it.

Step 4: Apply plumber's tape to the threads of the new sensor elbow to ensure a secure and leak-proof fit.

Step 5: Install the new hot water intake sensor elbow into the engine block by hand to avoid cross-threading.

Step 6: Tighten the sensor elbow with the socket set, being careful not to over-tighten and damage the threads.

Step 7: Refill the engine with coolant and check for leaks.

Installation typically takes around 20 minutes and requires a basic level of mechanical skill.

Vehicle Fitment

Year Make Model
1994-2006 Ford Ranger 3.0L Engine
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