International Shipping Information.


Returns are not available for shipments outside the USA, please be sure what you are ordering is correct before placing your order.


Part Fitment

All parts we sell are for North American Vehicles that are left hand drive. We cannot Guarantee our parts will fit any right hand drive vehicles.

Parts will differ By region, we make no guarantees that our parts will work any non USA Sold Vehicle. 


If you are outside the USA, Please do not order parts that are VIN specific where we ask for the VIN number.

We only have the capability to look up VIN for numbers for vehicles in the USA. Unfortunately if your order these parts that ask for the VIN, we will cancel and refund your order.


Taxes, VAT and GST

Your government will more than likely charge you local taxes to import the package into your country. These fees are paid directly by you to your government. We have no control over these fees, you will want to call your government for the import tax amount before you purchase. Any package returned to us for refusal to pay your governments fees will be assessed a service charge in the amount of fees, plus shipping charges both ways. Any amount left over left will be refunded to you.