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Do you have a F-150, Navigator, Expedition or Explorer equipped with a 6R60 or 6R80 Transmission?

If so you may have been wondering how do I check the transmission fluid level?

I'll bet you've looked all over the engine bay and you cannot find a dipstick. According to Ford, this is a sealed system and should only be checked by certified technicians. 

This is true, but what if you want to check the fluid level yourself? You can! 

The dipstick is hidden. You will just need to get under the truck. n the right side of the transmission above the pan and by the catalytic converter, you will notice what looks like a long lug nut facing upwards. 

Grab your 19MM socket and carefully loosen this nut. Once you pull this nut out, you will notice a dipstick attached to this nut. you can remove the dipstick and use it to check your fluid level. 

It is a good Idea to replace your nut and dipstick every one in a while. The reason being that the plastic on the dipstick where it attaches to the nut will become brittle with time and can fall off and drop into the transmission oil pan, If this happens you will have to drop the pan, and that is not a cheap repair. 

Luckily the genuine Ford dipsticks are really affordable. Tap the button below to see the dipstick with plug in our store. 


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