Fj Cruiser owners know all too well, about the trouble an old rear window wiper blade can cause. 

The way the Fj is designed, the downforce of the air at highway speeds pushes dirty water onto the back window.

An old wiper blade can cause streaks, make noise, or create problems for vision out of the back window. 

Luckily Toyota Sells the exact blade you need. 

Toyota Fj Cruiser Back Window Wiper Blade

This blade is the exact size for the back window on the Fj cruiser.

As you probably already know, the blades at the auto parts stores are the wrong size and if you install them they just smear dirt all over the window. 

This Genuine Toyota blade includes the rubber portion, as well as the actual blade portion that attaches to the wiper arm. 

Attachment is a breeze with the included mount. The wiper blade snaps onto your wiper arm in seconds. 

You may want to buy more than 1. Most customers buy at least 2 of these blades as they tend to backorder from Toyota from time to time due to extreme demand and usually take a few months for resupply. 

This blade is a genuine Toyota part, and just like their vehicles, the blade is engineered to last. 

At Conquest auto parts we carry thousands of genuine and aftermarket auto parts for your car or truck at fantastic prices. 

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