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Replacing Front or Rear Door Speakers in a 2016-2019 Ford Explorer

Replacing Front or Rear Door Speakers in a 2016-2019 Ford Explorer

Maintaining the audio quality in your 2016-2019 Ford Explorer is essential for an enjoyable driving experience. Over time, speakers can degrade, resulting in poor sound quality. Replacing the front or rear door speakers is a practical solution to restore the audio performance in your vehicle. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the process of replacing your door speakers, ensuring you get back to enjoying your favorite tunes on the road.

Why Replace Your Door Speakers?

Door speakers are crucial for delivering clear and powerful sound in your vehicle. However, factors like age, exposure to moisture, and frequent use can cause them to wear out. Replacing worn-out speakers can:

  • Improve sound clarity and quality.
  • Enhance bass response and overall audio performance.
  • Restore the original sound experience intended by the manufacturer.

Tools and Materials Needed

To replace the door speakers in your Ford Explorer, you'll need the following tools and materials:

  • Screwdrivers (Phillips and flathead)
  • Trim removal tool
  • Socket set
  • Replacement door speakers (available at Conquest Auto)

Step-by-Step Replacement Guide

  1. Preparation:

    • Ensure your vehicle is parked on a flat surface and the ignition is turned off.
    • Disconnect the battery to prevent any electrical issues during the replacement process.
  2. Remove the Door Panel:

    • Use a trim removal tool to carefully pry off the interior door panel. Start at the bottom and work your way around the panel.
    • Once the panel is loose, disconnect any electrical connectors attached to the door panel.
  3. Access the Speaker:

    • With the door panel removed, locate the speaker. It is usually mounted in the middle of the door frame.
    • Remove any screws or bolts securing the speaker in place.
  4. Disconnect the Speaker:

    • Carefully disconnect the electrical connector from the speaker.
    • Remove the speaker from its mounting position.
  5. Install the New Speaker:

    • Position the new speaker in place and secure it with the screws or bolts.
    • Reconnect the electrical connector to the speaker.
  6. Reassemble the Door:

    • Reattach the interior door panel by aligning it with the door frame and pressing it into place.
    • Reconnect any electrical connectors that were disconnected.
    • Ensure the door panel is securely attached and there are no loose components.
  7. Test the New Speaker:

    • Reconnect the battery and test the new speaker by playing some music.
    • Verify that the sound quality is clear and there are no issues with the installation.


Replacing the front or rear door speakers in your 2016-2019 Ford Explorer is a straightforward process that can significantly enhance your vehicle's audio quality. By following this guide, you can ensure a successful replacement and enjoy high-quality sound on your drives. For premium replacement parts, visit Conquest Auto.

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