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How to replace the rear well fender trim on 2007 to 2013 Mazda CX-9

How to replace the rear well fender trim on 2007 to 2013 Mazda CX-9

Is your Mazda CX nine missing the trim around the back fender? 


Unfortunately this is a common part to go missing, due to accidents, shopping carts, or even ladders in the road.


Luckily replacing this fender well molding with a genuine Mazda part is very affordable, and it's easy to do yourself.




The wheel well molding shown in the picture is for the touring or the grand touring model, but it's similar to other years of Mazda CX-9 models 


You will notice from the picture, but there are two studs made onto the molding. The studs are the two main attachment points to mount the morning onto your Mazda CX-9.


What usually happens when the old molding breaks off, the attachment nuts behind the fender stay intact with a small portion of the molding still attached. If this is how yours is, then you are in luck, because he won't have to try to find nuts to screw onto the studs of the molding.


You will also notice that there is a tab towards the bottom of the molding, this tab keeps a firm grip and keeps the bottom of the molding lined up on the fender.


The molding is easy to install, and most of our customers are reporting an install time of around 10 minutes. You will just need a few common household tools to make the installation.


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