Have a low Coolant indicator on your dash, even when the coolant tank is full?

2013-2018 Dodge Rams are fantastic trucks. There is just one annoyance that they are all susceptible to.

After a few years the coolant level sensor for the tank goes bad. When this happens you get a light or a message on your dash that wont go away that says low coolant level. 

You can just ignore it, or you can fix it fast and easy with a new coolant level sensor. 

This little sensor causes all the trouble. 

Luckily they are easily replaced. Mopar now makes a genuine part that you can buy on its own with out having to buy a new tank.

2013-2018 Ram 6.7 Diesel Radiator Coolant Reservoir Tank Level Sensor

Sensor Location Video

 Simply remove the plastic fender well and the sensor is right there in the tank at bottom. You will not loose any fluid because it sits inside a sealed hole, not directly exposed to the coolant.



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