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2022-2023 Challenger or Charger Washer Fluid Level Sensor OEM New

Brand: Dodge OEM
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$ 16.95
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This Washer Fluid Level Sensor, designed for use in 2022-2023 Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger models, is a genuine OEM replacement part. It plays a vital role in monitoring the level of washer fluid in your vehicle's reservoir, ensuring that you are aware when it's time to refill the washer fluid to maintain clear visibility. Manufactured to precise specifications, this sensor provides accurate and reliable readings for your convenience.

When it comes to authenticity and quality, this product is the real deal. It arrives in the OEM manufacturer's packaging, guaranteeing that you receive a brand new, genuine part that matches what's available at the Dodge dealership. This is not an aftermarket alternative, ensuring you get the performance and quality expected from an original equipment part.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Before starting the installation, ensure the vehicle is parked on a level surface and the engine is turned off.
  2. Locate the washer fluid reservoir in your 2022-2023 Dodge Challenger or Dodge Charger.
  3. Identify the existing washer fluid level sensor attached to the reservoir.
  4. Carefully disconnect the electrical connector from the old sensor.
  5. Remove any clips or fasteners securing the old sensor in place.
  6. Gently detach the old sensor from the reservoir, taking care not to damage the reservoir or surrounding components.
  7. Take the new Washer Fluid Level Sensor and attach it to the designated mounting point on the reservoir.
  8. Connect the electrical connector according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  9. Secure the sensor in place with clips or fasteners as needed.
  10. Double-check the fitment and ensure the sensor is securely installed, providing accurate washer fluid level readings.

This installation process typically takes about 15-30 minutes to complete and requires basic mechanical skills. It's essential to follow the instructions carefully to ensure a proper fit and accurate washer fluid level monitoring.

Vehicle Fitment:

This Washer Fluid Level Sensor is suitable for the following vehicles:

Year Make Model
2022 Dodge Challenger
2023 Dodge Challenger
2022 Dodge Charger
2023 Dodge Charger

This part will experience a 7-10 day delay before shipping out.

If you are in need of this part for a time sensitive repair, please text us at 832-722-4697 for availability before you order.

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