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2015 Ford Escape (1) Genuine Driver Side Front Strut

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This Genuine OEM auto part is a Driver Side Front Strut for the 2015 Ford Escape. The part number is СУ6Z-18124-AP, also denoted as ast24658. Struts are integral to the suspension system, offering structural support and affecting the vehicle's ride quality. As struts age or incur damage, the vehicle's stability and driving comfort can be compromised. Signs of strut issues may include pronounced vehicle bounce, nose dives when braking, or uneven tire wear. Replacing with this particular strut ensures the correct vehicle alignment and an improved driving experience.

This is a brand-new genuine part in OEM manufacturer's packaging. It is the exact same part you would purchase from a new car dealership and is not an aftermarket component.

Installation Instructions

Tools Needed:

- Jack and jack stands

- Wrench set

- Spring compressors

- Socket set


1. Park the vehicle on a flat and secure surface. Engage the parking brake.

2. Using the jack, raise the front side of the vehicle and set it safely on jack stands.

3. Remove the wheel on the driver side to gain access to the strut.

4. With the socket set, detach the strut from the steering knuckle.

5. If the strut assembly comes with a coil spring, employ the spring compressors for its safe compression.

6. Unfasten the strut mounting bolts and extract the strut assembly from the vehicle.

7. Place the new Genuine Driver Side Front Strut in position and follow the steps in reverse to install.

8. After installation, reattach the wheel and lower the vehicle off the jack stands.

The replacement procedure typically spans 1-2 hours, based on experience, and necessitates an advanced skill level.

Vehicle Fitment

Year Make Model
2015 Ford Escape

This Part Ships Out in 2-3 Days

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