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2014-2021 Silverado Sierra 6.2 (1) Genuine GM Engine Piston

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The price is for 1 Piston 

The Genuine GM Engine Piston 12656874 is specifically designed for 2014-2021 Silverado and Sierra vehicles equipped with a 6.2 engine. This piston is essential in the engine's internal combustion process, compressing the air-fuel mixture before ignition and then transferring the force from the combustion's expanding gases to the crankshaft. This OEM part comes straight from the manufacturer's packaging, ensuring it meets the high standards and quality synonymous with parts acquired from a new car dealership, setting it apart from aftermarket counterparts.

Installation Instructions

Tools Needed: - Socket set - Piston ring compressor - Rubber mallet - Engine hoist (if removing the engine)

1. Disconnect the vehicle battery to ensure safety during the process.

2. Using the engine hoist, carefully remove the engine from the vehicle, placing it on a secure platform or stand.

3. Remove the engine head to access the pistons inside the cylinder block.

4. Detach the connecting rod cap from the bottom of the intended piston using the socket set.

5. Push the piston gently from the bottom until it's free from the cylinder bore.

6. Before installing the new piston, ensure that the piston rings are correctly placed and secured using the piston ring compressor.

7. Carefully align the piston with the cylinder bore and gently tap its top using the rubber mallet, facilitating its descent into the bore until it's fully seated.

8. Reattach the connecting rod cap to the piston's bottom and secure it tightly.

9. Reinstall the engine head and ensure all components are reconnected and tightened securely.

10. Place the engine back into the vehicle using the engine hoist and ensure all connections, hoses, and wires are reattached.

11. Reconnect the vehicle battery and start the engine, checking for any abnormal sounds and ensuring the engine runs smoothly.

Time Required: Approximately 4-6 hours, depending on experience.

Skill Level: Expert

Vehicle Fitment

Year Make Model Engine
2014-2021 Silverado 6.2
2014-2021 Sierra 6.2

This Part Ships Out in 2-3 Days

If you are in need of this part for a time sensitive repair, please text us at 832-722-4697 for availability before you order.

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