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2014-2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee LED License Plate Lamp Both Sides Genuine
$ 23.15
  • Brand New and 100% Genuine. Arrives in Manufacturers Packaging. The Highest quality parts and accessories available.

  • Free 3 Year Extended Warranty. 3X the Manufacturers warranty.

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  • This is a Special Order Part We will order the part from the factory and ship it to you. (May add a few additional days to shipping time).


Genuine Mopar LED License Plate Lamps Left and Right Is A Direct Fit For The Following

2014-2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee (may fit other years, but we have not verified this)

Price Includes 2 lights (1 Left and 1 Right).

Look at the electrical pins on your old lights, does it have 1 or 2 pins?  These lights work with the 2 pin connector. They will not work for vehicles that have 1 pin. (1 Pin is extremely uncommon but they do exist)

When you receive your shipment, you will receive 2 similar looking lights. Be aware that there is a right and a left light.

Some of our customers have gotten confused and thought that the lights did not fit because they were putting the wrong light on the wrong side. Check the markings closely on the lights For an "R" and an "L" when you get them to see which is the right and which is the left. The driver side is the left side and the passenger side is the right side.

Important Note: If you install the new lights and one side does not work. 

That means that the connector plug was twisted when it was unplugged. Simply turn the connector plug by turning the wire and the light will work. If there is still an issue that means your harness is bad. You will want to try to repair this yourself and if it cannot be repaired we sell the new wiring harnesses as well. 

Don't let the dealer tell you these are no longer available or quote you a ridiculous price. you can still get them here for a great price!

Installation is super easy and most customers have these installed in 5 minutes or less!

Important Note. Due to the extreme demand and the electrical nature of These lamps, they are non-returnable.


The Original Problem:


After a few years of wear and tear, and climate changes the part to begins to break down structurally.  Heat is one of the main factors of automotive issues. As you may notice, automotive problems seem to be more common in the summer months or in warmer climates.


Our Solution


Our Genuine Part is brand new and has all the latest updates. The part is designed to never fail again. Of course, nothing is perfect, so we back it up with our industry leading warranty in case something does go wrong. This part is made by the same company that made your vehicle, so you know it will be a 100% perfect fit every time, and the quality will be spot on.


Avoid the hassles of aftermarket, and cheap imitation parts. Our Parts just fit right, and just work right every time.




Many of our customers are reporting an install time of around 20 minutes or less. This is really easy to install.  If an installation video is available, you will find it here on this page. We are adding new videos all the time so check back later.


Does it fit my ________???


Our Parts are heavily researched and tested. They only fit what we say they will. Many parts look the same, but in reality, are very different. Please do not purchase if your exact vehicle configuration is not listed, we can promise you it will not fit.



Customer Reviews

Based on 159 reviews
STEVE T. (McKeesport, US)
Installation Ease: Easy - Anyone can install it
Installation time : Less than 5 minutes
Tools Required: Common Household Tools
Part Quality: Excellent Quality
Great product, Great Price

Great product , super fast shipping , great Price

Maria R. (Brooklyn, US)
Installation Ease: Easy - Anyone can install it
Installation time : 30 Minutes or More
Tools Required: Common Household Tools
Part Quality: Good Quality
Authentic service and parts

I ordered LED license plate lamps for me 2014 Jeep and they were delivered in a timely manner and were exactly what they were described as. I owuld use this company again if necessary!


All Purchases include a 3 Year Warranty at No Charge, with the exception of following 2 product categories that have 1 Year warranty.

Sun Visors - 1 Year Warranty
Fuse Boxes - 1 Year Warranty
Al other products - 3 year Warranty


-We will replace the parts free of charge for any reason not caused by collision or installation, other human intervention, incorrect application, modifications, use of the products outside the context of its normal, customary, and intended operating conditions (including without limitation, any form of commercial, fleet, rental or off-road use), or physical damage for 3 years and only for the vehicle in which the part was originally installed.

One Time replacement.

Warranty Covers only one replacement in the warranty period. Multiple Replacements are not covered, after one replacement warranty will no longer be in effect.

Warranty Is non transferable and is only valid for the VIN number of the vehicle in which it was purchased for. Warranty does not transfer to new owner of item purchased or vehicle purchased with the item installed.

This warranty does not cover:

Warranty does not cover any item that goes missing before, during or after installation. You will want to be sure you install your part tightly, and correctly. You will want to contact your auto insurance company for any stolen parts, or parts that become detached or lost after installation. We are in no way liable for improper installation.

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Here you will find common questions related to this product as well as other common general questions.

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Does the part include instructions?

Genuine parts do not come with instructions as they are designed for dealership technicians to install.

Aftermarket parts, and accessories usually include detailed instructions.

You might check YouTube to see if someone has done an install video in the past as well.

Im looking for a part not listed on the site.

We only sell what is listed here for sale on our site. We don't carry any other parts for sale. Our inventory changes daily, so check back soon for what you need!

More about what we sell:

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We use a set of complex algorithms to find what car and truck owners are having a hard time finding on the web, and use that info to tailor our inventory.

You will not find Common items such as alternators, brake pads, air filters, etc on our site as we do not carry easy to find parts that may be available at your local chain auto parts store.

My Vehicle Brand is not listed.

We're adding new products and brands every month. If your brand is not listed, come back soon. 

My vehicle is not listed in fitment, will it work?

Many parts look the same in pictures, but in reality, fit or function differently.

Our parts are thoroughly tested for fitment, and will only fit exactly what they are listed to fit and nothing else.

If your exact year make and model and other specs are not listed we can guarantee the part will not fit.

How fast will I get my shipment?

This is a special order part. This means that normally it takes us a few business days to get the part here to ship out.

When shipping USPS, shipping time to you is normally about 3 days, so expect about 5 days to get your part. 

Please remember transit delays due to Covid are possible. 

How fast will I get my shipment?

This is a special order part. This means that normally it takes us a few business days to get the part here to ship out.

When shipping USPS, shipping time to you is normally about 3 days, so expect about 5 days to get your part. 

Please remember transit delays due to Covid are possible. 

Do you ship outside the USA?

We currently ship to the USA only.

What are the measurements?

We do not keep records of the measurements of the parts that we sell.

All of our parts have been tested and are for a specific vehicle application and specific option packages only.

This part is guaranteed to fit this application as it has been thoroughly tested.

If you are planning to use this part for another application or custom project we may not be your best fit. However, you can rest assured this part you are looking for is for the vehicle listed it will fit, if not you can get a refund within 30 days.