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2013-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Model Only Occupant Restraint Air Bag Control Module. Fits JK Body Style Only.


Does not fit any other year or any other options.


This is the premium updated model straight from the same company that built your vehicle. This is not rebuilt by amateurs or shade tree mechanics.


Comes with the latest base software and chips but is not programmed to your individual vehicle. Read on for more about programming.....


Please read the entire text of this description, It will give you a lot of important information you will need before and after your purchase. (We know it is long, sorry! We just want to give you all the knowledge you need to make your order go smoothly.)


Note: The module you receive may be new or rebuilt. The new modules and the rebuilt modules are exactly the same. The rebuilt modules only use the outer case again. Everything inside is new. Rebuilt units are rebuilt by the vehicle manufacturer with the updated Non-Vehicle specific components, software, and chips. Manufacturers will switch back and forth from new to rebuilt depending on the supply chain availability.  There is no difference aside from cosmetics.



Some Modules may require programming. When programming is required, you will need to have the module installed, and programmed in the vehicle by a qualified dealership or shop, that has the correct equipment.


Since programming information is proprietary information, available only to dealerships, and large shops, with very expensive equipment, we are unable to tell you if yours requires programming or not. That is why we ask you to call your local dealership or shop for programming info. 

You may get lucky and find that yours does not require programming! (Rare)






Here is how you find out if yours requires programming. 


  1. Have your VIN number ready. 
  2. Call your local new car dealership, or Local professional repair shop and tell them that you are buying this module. 
  3. Ask them if it requires programming, and have them give you the price to program it. 

If it requires programming, it must be installed in the car and programmed at that time, it cannot be programmed outside the vehicle.

Note: Every vehicle is different. It is possible for 2 of the exact same vehicles of the same year, with the same options, one will require programming and the other will not. Do not make assumptions or believe anything you read on an automotive forum. Asking about your exact vehicle by using your VIN number is critical. 

It is important that you contact the dealer for programming info before you buy.  The module may not function at all, or cause problems if you install it before it is programmed. 


Note: Most smaller shops will not have the equipment for programming, as it is very expensive.



Large Professional shops and new car dealerships will most likely have the right programming equipment. You should give them a call before you order to be sure they have the proper programming equipment.

Smaller Shops will most likely NOT have the equipment, they should be avoided for complex jobs like this.




Special Return Policy Applies to this module.


Since modules are specific and require programming in many cases, we do not accept returns for a refund on modules for any reason. 


Modules are covered under our 3-year warranty. 

This means if the module is defective within the first 3 years we will swap it for another module for you. 

What this doesn’t mean is that we will refund you for a module. We do not refund modules for any reason.  Once you make a purchase, the module is yours to keep. 

In other words.. if the module is defective within the first 3 years (not due to water damage or incorrect programming) we will swap it out for you, but we will not give you a refund. 

Why this policy? Unfortunately in the past customers would buy the modules to use as a test part, then return it for a refund. This led to us receiving damaged, used, and incorrect parts that could not be resold. This policy allows us to offer our low prices, and ensure everyone gets a perfect module every time.

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  • Returns


Genuine Parts



Contains Hardware


Time To Install

Less Than 20 Minutes

Includes Instructions



Genuine OEM Packaging


1 Unless otherwise stated in description

Shipping Lead Time

1 - 3 Business days

All Products are. covered by a 1 year Warranty.


Our Warranty Coverage

We will replace the parts free of charge for any reason not caused by collision or installation, other human intervention, incorrect application, modifications, use of the products outside the context of its normal, customary, and intended operating conditions (including without limitation, any form of commercial, fleet, rental or off-road use), or physical damage for 1 year and only for the vehicle in which the part was originally installed.

One Time replacement.

Warranty Covers only one replacement in the warranty period. Multiple Replacements are not covered, after one replacement warranty will no longer be in effect.

Warranty Is non transferable and is only valid for the VIN number of the vehicle in which it was purchased for. Warranty does not transfer to new owner of item purchased or vehicle purchased with the item installed.
Our Simple No-hassle Return Policy.

Simply Return It In The Exact Same Condition And Packaging That You Received It In Within 30 Days For A Full Refund Of The Purchase Price Of The Part, Minus The Original Shipping Charges.

Unfortunately We Cant Accept Your Return If You Have:

- Installed Or Attempted To Install Or Disassemble The Part

- Painted The Part.

- Broken The Part.

-Lost The Original Packaging. (believe It Or Not, This Is Super Important! Don't Throw Away The Packaging. Auto Manufacturers Wont Accept Returns On A Part Without The Genuine OEM Packaging, So We Wont Be Able To Credit You. (even If The Part Is Brand New With No Packaging, We Would Have To Return It To You).

- Gotten The Part Wet, Or The Part Has Greasy Fingerprints.

Electrical Parts.

Electrical Parts Can Only Be Returned If They Have Not Been Installed, Programmed, Or Plugged In. If The Part Shows Signs, Of An Attempted Install We Will Be Unable To Accept Your Return.

 An Electrical Part Is Any Part That Plugs In, Contains A Switch, Sensor, Circuit Board Or Electrical Wiring.

Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral- For every order paid with ShopPay you are helping to plant 1 Tree for a total of up to 4.3 million new trees by 2025. Be sure to choose ShopPay at checkout to help with the tree efforts. 

Minimal packaging

You'll notice on delivery that our packaging is minimal, but protective. We strive to create the smallest amount of waste possible to be eco-friendly. Our boxes are a minimum of 40% recycled and most are 100% Recycled cardboard. 

We price match 

Find it for less somewhere else? Send us a link to the competitor page in live chat, we will try to meet or beat their total shipped price. Note: We only price match Genuine parts from authorized retailers

Why Buy From Us?

1. Where high-quality meets affordability

We only carry the ultimate high end Genuine Parts. No Imported Junk, Nothing unsafe or recalled. If we wouldn't put it on our own families vehicles we won't sell it. Oh, and we sell for amazing prices too!

2. We're experts. 

We've been doing this, and only this since 2006. This is not side hustle, it's what we do full time all day every day. We are really good at it too. Don't take our word for it, search us up in google for real reviews. 

3. We're Americans and ship from the USA.

Everything we sell comes from our warehouses in the USA. No Drop shipping from China. 

4. We're Not a New Car Dealership

When was the last time you enjoyed anything involving a new car dealer? Thats what we thought....  We've got the same parts, no scams or rude people here, just great service.  

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Excellent all around Company

Fit perfectly!!! No modifications. Highly recommend!

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