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2012-2016 Cadillac SRX AWD Rear Genuine OEM Wheel Hub Bearing

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For the rear on All wheel drive only. 

Note there are several versions of this part. Call your local GM dealer and give them your VIN to be sure part Number 13534553 / 13519422 is right for you before you order. 

13519422 Is the old part number 13534553 is the new part number. Both are exactly the same part, the older part number which is what you will receive is priced much lower

This Genuine OEM Wheel Hub Bearing (part numbers 13534553, 13519422) is designed specifically for 2012-2016 Cadillac SRX AWD models. This crucial component allows your wheels to turn freely and also helps to secure them to the vehicle. It can address problems such as abnormal tire wear, noisy bearings, and vibration at high speeds, which are often signs of a failing or worn wheel hub bearing. This specific part is designed for AWD (All Wheel Drive) models and ensures a precise fit and optimal performance.

This is a genuine, brand new OEM part, directly from the manufacturer and packaged in the original manufacturer's packaging. It is not an aftermarket product, but the very same part you would find at a new car dealership, ensuring the best possible quality and fit for your vehicle.

Installation Instructions

Tools Needed: Socket set, Breaker bar, Torque wrench, Screwdriver, Pliers

  1. Begin by safely raising the vehicle and removing the wheel.
  2. Remove the brake caliper and rotor to expose the hub assembly.
  3. Disconnect the ABS sensor, if equipped.
  4. Remove the axle nut with a socket and breaker bar.
  5. Unbolt the old hub assembly from the back of the steering knuckle.
  6. Remove the old hub assembly and clean the mounting surface.
  7. Install the new hub assembly, ensuring it's seated correctly.
  8. Bolt the new hub assembly to the steering knuckle and torque the bolts to the manufacturer's specification.
  9. Reinstall the axle nut and torque it to the manufacturer's specification.
  10. Reconnect the ABS sensor, if equipped.
  11. Reinstall the rotor and brake caliper.
  12. Finally, reinstall the wheel and lower the vehicle.

The job typically takes around 1-2 hours to complete and requires an intermediate skill level due to the complexity of the parts involved.

Vehicle Fitment

Year Make Model
2012-2016 Cadillac SRX AWD

This Part Ships Out in 2-3 Days

If you are in need of this part for a time sensitive repair, please text us at 832-722-4697 for availability before you order.

For more detailed info please check the order FAQ

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