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2012-2014 Ford Edge 2.0 Engine Oild Dipstick Genuine OEM New

Brand: Ford OEM
Ships Out in 2-3 Days
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$ 21.95
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This Genuine OEM New Engine Oil Dipstick is designed to fit 2012-2014 Ford Edge models equipped with the 2.0L engine. It serves as a reliable replacement part, allowing you to accurately measure and maintain the engine oil level in your vehicle. Crafted to precise specifications, this dipstick guarantees a secure fit and helps ensure the proper functioning of your engine.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Begin by ensuring you have a clean and lint-free cloth or paper towel on hand.
  2. Park your vehicle on a level surface and allow the engine to cool down if it has been running.
  3. Open the vehicle's hood and locate the engine oil dipstick, usually indicated by a bright-colored handle.
  4. Remove the old dipstick from its tube by gently pulling it out.
  5. Wipe the old dipstick clean with the cloth or paper towel.
  6. Insert the new Genuine OEM Engine Oil Dipstick into the dipstick tube until it is fully seated.
  7. Wait a moment for the oil level to stabilize, then withdraw the dipstick.
  8. Check the oil level by observing the markings on the dipstick. Ensure it falls within the recommended range.
  9. If needed, add or remove engine oil as required to achieve the correct oil level.
  10. Wipe the dipstick clean and reinsert it into the tube when finished.
  11. The entire process typically takes just a few minutes.

Skill Level: Easy

Vehicle Fitment:

Year Make Model Engine
2012-2014 Ford Edge 2.0L

This Part Ships Out in 2-3 Days

If you are in need of this part for a time sensitive repair, please text us at 832-722-4697 for availability before you order.

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