If You Own A 2011-2014 F-150 You Probably Already Know About The Really Annoying Weakness In The Front And Rear Door Wiring Harnesses. 


Our Customer John was kind enough to make a great, detailed 24 Minute video of the installation process to help you out when replacing this harness

You can do it yourself and save money.

Why pay a hefty price to a mechanic to do this for you?  You can do it yourself and save time and money. 

I spoke to John Who Stated "The Removal And Installation Was Easier To Do Than I Thought It Would Be And If I Had My Video In Advance The Whole Process Would Be A 2 For How Hard It Would Be On A Scale Of 1-10".


In addition John says: I really want to Emphasize To Anyone in need of one of these door harnesses How Easy It Was To Order The Correct Harness From Conquest Auto Parts. 


Installation Video


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