Is is your Ford F150 giving you the dreaded airbag light, that makes you nervous every time you start the vehicle?


When the airbag light comes on like this, it can create an unsafe situation, in the unfortunate scenario that you are in a wreck.


The good news is the fix is very easy in the parts needed are not very expensive.


The original problem


After a few years the sensor and the wiring pigtail that connects to it become corroded. Once the corrosion reaches a certain level, contact is no longer established between the pigtail and the sensor causing your airbag light to come on.


How To Fix

You only need to purchase a new sensor and a new pigtail, luckily we have this in a kit for you that includes a new sensor, the wiring harness, and two but connectors.

Installation is fairly straightforward, with most of our customers reporting about 25 minutes to install.

Once you install this, the airbag light will go off right away, given your peace of mind again.

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