If you have a Ford Explorer between the years of 2011 and 2016, you may have experienced the molding at the back of the drivers door gone missing on the highway or torn off in the car wash.


Ford made two versions of this molding. There is a version that has a keypad, that is very expensive, and a version without the keypad that is reasonably priced and easy to install.


If You don't use your keypad, or just want to say that a lot of money, you can replace the keypad version with a non-keypad version.

2011-2016 Ford Explorer Front Door Molding Applique Black - No Keypad


Installation is really easy to do yourself, the molding comes with to push and retainers pre-installed from the factory. These retainers are for holding it in line as you install with the pre-installed super strong 3M adhesive tape.


  1. Clean the area very well rubbing alcohol, this will remove any wax residue or any dirt that could cause the molding not to stick.
  2. Push the remaining wiring harness from the old keypad version back into the door frame if possible.
  3. Peel back to cover for the 3M adhesive.
  4. Align the push-in retainers, to the holes in the door, once you have these in they will click in, at this point the molding is aligned, and you can push it as hard as possible to glue it to the door.
  5. Allow 24 hours for the glue to set permanently.




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