Do you have one or more mysterious electrical gremlins haunting your 2010-2013 Acura MDX?

Many issues can be attributed to a bad door wiring harness. Even things you would not think to associate with a door harness are controlled by this wiring.

Don't pay a mechanic a hundred dollars to replace this, you can do it yourself in just a few minutes!



Common Symptoms of a bad door harness. 


1.- Door locks won't work
2.- DPMS won't work
3.- Rearview mirrors won't adjust or auto-tilt
4.- Power Tailgate won't open either by the FOB or Button in the door
5.- Gas cap won't open
6.- Alarm won't engage
7.- Windows won't work
8.- Sunroof won't work


Tools needed to replace:

1.- Small flat screwdriver
2.- Flat screwdriver
3.- New Genuine Acura harness. 


Don't pay a mechanic a hundred dollars to replace this, you can do it yourself in just a few minutes!



1.- First of all you will need to remove the sub-harness from the door, This part comes as a whole with the grommet so you will have to pop the grommet off and remove the cable from the door.


2.- Now you will have to remove the fuse plastic cover completely (This just pops in) to get to the inside connections.

First, remove the door side molding (A) then remove the lower door guard (B) this just pops out with little force, Finally, remove the fuse box cover (C) by popping it off too! It will have a small plastic screw attached in the back you can just move aside the cover no need to remove it completely.


3. You only need to make enough room to see the sub-harness connections in the fuse box

The cable will have a small retainer plastic tab connected to the fuse box, You can break this as the new cable comes with it.


4. To install the cable just use the connectors as guides through the chassis hole, This is basically the hardest part because space is tight. What I did is put my fingers between the fuse box and chassis and pull one connector to guide the whole cable.

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